Taxback and Sprintax Quality Policy

Taxback and Sprintax provide professional and secure global income tax return and tax refund services. Our aim is to continuously meet our customer’s expectations and to progress our competitive position in the market through commitment to continual improvement, quality and innovative solutions.  We strive for excellence via our Quality Management System (QMS) and by advancing the following objectives:


  • We are committed to implementing, maintaining and developing an effective QMS, helping us to achieve our organisational objectives, and in line with our corporate values.
  • We support the implementation of independent quality monitoring as an added guarantee of quality and consistency, and have adopted the ISO 9001 standard which we use to continually improve our QMS.
  • We are committed to continual improvement; we are future focused and action oriented. What we do well, we want to do better.
  • We welcome and encourage feedback from customers, partners and staff. Improvement suggestions are realised quickly.
  • We develop innovative products and services using the latest technologies to provide affordable and convenient online solutions.
  • Our solutions are 100% compliant with tax legislation.
  • Tax related concepts are communicated in a consistent, succinct, and straight forward manner.
  • We strive towards excellent customer experience every time, consistently high performance and timely delivery of our service.
  • We deal efficiently and effectively with all customer concerns regarding service and work, to resolve issues to the satisfaction of our customers and service standards.
  • We are committed to sustaining positive, mutually beneficial relationship with our partners through understanding each other's business needs, open communication, enhanced collaboration, and harnessing feedback, which is translated into product and service offerings.
  • We are committed to the people in our company and strive to be an employer of choice through a relationship based on development, recognition, and respect, where equality, diversity and inclusion are key.
  • A high level of support, interaction, and achievement at every point in our value chain is fundamental to achieving our goals.

We are committed to ensuring that all employees understand this policy and are dedicated to it.