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We are here to provide a rent collection service to non-resident landlords and property investors in Ireland.

  • Registered rent collection agent for non-resident landlords
  • Managing tax withholdings on monthly rental income
  • Filing of annual self-assessed income tax returns

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Simple online process - a Personal Tax Advisor will manage your Irish tax requirements

    Nominate as your resident Rent Collection Agent for income earned on Irish property rentals. Our team will ensure your tax withholding obligations are met in accordance with Irish revenue standards. We will also assist in preparing and filing your end-of-year tax income tax return.


    Who is considered a
    non-resident landlord?

    If you live outside Ireland (including in Northern Ireland) and you are earning income from a property in Ireland, you will be considered a non-resident landlord.

    Non-resident landlords must declare any Irish rental property income to Revenue via an annual tax return Form 11. Where the property is jointly owned, both spouses should file separate tax returns and report their part of the rent separately.

    Supporting Non-Resident Landlords

    We understand Irish tax law so you don’t have to. is an established and trusted industry name in Ireland. By nominating us as your Irish Rent Collection Agent, you can rest assured your tax obligations are being met in accordance with Revenue.

    Our tax experts will also guide you through filing your end-of-year self-assessed tax return, ensuring you minimise your tax liability by claiming available expenses and reliefs.

    Trusted Agent

    We have been the Irish tax experts since 1996!

    Quality Service

    Our ISO 9001 certification is an external validation of our strong commitment to quality, our customers, partners and staff. The certification also gives you, the customer, the peace of mind that we are committed to providing a secure, quality service set out to the highest standards.

    End-To-End Process Management

    Our tax specialists will manage the entire process from start-to-finish – ensuring you’re meeting your tax obligations and guaranteeing your tax compliance with Revenue.


    What is a Collection

    A tenant, living in a property that is owned by a non-resident landlord, is obliged to withhold 20% of the gross rental income (before expenses) and pay this to Revenue.

    The tenant must then issue a Form R185 to the non-resident landlord as evidence of the tax withheld and paid to Revenue.

    Alternatively, non-resident landlords can choose to appoint an Irish Rent Collection Agent – such as – to manage these responsibilities. will be issued with a separate PPS number for the Collection Agent activity and will collect rent from your tenant and file an annual tax return with Revenue on your behalf.

    How does it work? will be issued with a separate PPS number on behalf of the non-resident landlord.

    When collecting rent, will keep a portion of this income (the sum will depend on the amount of your annual rental income) to cover your tax obligations when we prepare and file your annual tax return.

    Our Non-Resident Landlords Services include

    • Rent Collection Agent Service
    • Annual Property Tax Return Filing
    • Capital Gains Tax Filing
    • Tax Consultancy Service

    …and more


    • More than 20 years of Irish tax filing experience
    • Stress-free Rent Collection Service
    • 100% Irish tax compliance guaranteed
    • 24/7 Live Chat support

    What are the fees? charges a once off fee of €100 for registration as your Collection Agent, a €30.00 monthly administration fee (deducted from your monthly rent) and a fee of €338 to cover the preparation and filing of your annual tax return.